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I only discuss commissions through Email. Please do not reach out to me over Telegram, Twitter or other means to discuss commissions.
I will only contact you through other means if there is a serious reason for doing so. Thank you for understanding!

I will announce commission openings via my Twitter. If it is not listed as open – then please check back shortly, or follow my Twitter to see when I’m open next!


Please do not edit my artwork without my consent for purposes other than personal use. Personal use for an icon, banner, or personal printing/decoration is perfectly fine.

Do not print my works for resell or for profit – only for personal use.


All commissions require payment upfront, please contact for payment plans on larger orders. I will not begin work until the commission has been paid for in full.

If you wish to cancel your order – I will only be able to refund the percentage of what remains to complete on your order, I will not refund for work completed. If your work has been completed, this means I am unable to refund you. During my work on your commission, I will regularly reach out to you with WIPs – if you have any issues with the artwork, it is your responsibility to let me know before the piece passes that stage.


Depending on the character(s) provided, I may need to request an additional fee to cover the extra work required by complex or intricate designs on your requested character! I will happily explain this if you wish – generally most commissions will not incur a complexity fee.


Once I begin your commission, I will create the initial sketch and send it over to you for your approval. You will be able to modify this sketch 3 separate times, be it entire pose changes if you have an issue with the pose, tweaks or character modifications. Please note that after 3 changes, you will incur a fee to make further changes. Once you approve the sketch, no changes to the final image/lineart will be made. However – if a marking is messed up (as an error on my part), I will fix this ASAP for you! If you’ve approved the sketch, and want something changed in the final, it’s up to me to decide whether I will fix it, but either way – there will be a fee at that point.


I will reach out when I have an update regarding your commission – to check your status in the queue, please check my Trello! Please do not reach out to ask the status of your commission unless you have not heard from me 7 days! Thank you.


As a general rule, I will provide an estimated completion, or turnaround time – for example, ‘2-4 Weeks’, but these are estimates, and will almost always vary. Wait time can be hours, to a few weeks – and will always reach out to let you know if something has come up and will cause the art to take longer than the typical few weeks maximum.

As a general rule, if you wish to have the artwork done by a set deadline, I can do this for an additional fee. Please contact me if this is the case.

I regularly update and maintain my Trello – please check there to see where in my queue you are!


Please note that I retain copyrights to all images I create, and I retain the right to use these works for personal advertisements, examples, etc. Editing or modifying my art is not permitted by you or anyone else.

Thank you!